About Us

  • We recently decided to build a pig pen in close proximity to 15 new apple trees’s that we planted last year (pigs condition the soil for growth, plus we make cider and feed the leftovers to the pig). It just so happens that the apple trees were planted next to a beehive we took on last summer (the bees maximise our apple crop)…
  • The idea is to celebrate a unique circle of life narrative by having a hog roast from a pig we raised, marinated in cider we made and glazed in honey we harvested.
  • This is an example that by using the landscape to produce food in a positive, innovative and meaningful approach, we can promote, educate and connect people to real food and the countryside.

If ‘we are what we eat’ and ‘variety is the spice of life’ then the PigHoneyCider project definitely has ‘food for thought’!

PigHoneyCider Fest poster (2)